About Anat

Voice Teacher and Vocal Coach

MMy name is Anat, I have been giving voice lessons for over 22 years. It is amazing how much working with our voice can teach us; how our voice can change and improve so dramatically in comparison to where we started.

I coached Rose Fostanes (42) who won Israel’s X-Factor contest, and Liana Averbuch who reached the finals of Israel Got Talent (at the age of 8 years).
Students of mine have won first prizes in singing competitions, and their vocal achievements are evident as they record, audition and perform on stage.

EEach one of us is a unique individual. The structure of the voice, the posture, the energetic condition, the tonus of the muscles, the personality, the spirituality, the mind, the talent, the emotional world, the imagination, the musical ear, the habits!…. are all unique. I believe that a good relationship with one’s voice is healthy and I encourage you to foster it.

My know-how suits for pop singers as well as classical singers.

I am familiar with variety of techniques and experienced in many music styles.

I find singing to be much more than technique.

It is art and it is spiritual, it has healing power and it gives freedom.

M My work as a singing instructor showed me that it does not have to take a long time before a student reaches an impressive level. It is the accuracy of the work that makes the difference. I am delighted to show my students the great things that their voices can do, It makes them happy, excited, hopeful and gives them confidence.

What guides me during a lesson is the person himself, I recognize what this person needs the most, right now, in order to help liberate his or her singing. This approach brings indisputable success.

AAs for myself,
I have been trained to sing since childhood, and I have been on stage ever since I can remember.

After graduating from the vocal department at the Academy of Music and Dance in Jerusalem, I became a teacher myself.

I didn’t stop learning after graduation, I am continuously studying as a singer and as a teacher, as learning has no limits!

I will be happy to be to teach you voice and improve your singing skills.

Looking forward to hearing from you,