Private Voice Lessons

Private Voice Lessons by Anat the Voice Teacher and Vocal Coach

The work in a private voice lesson is very much tailored to the needs of the student.
Our work during class is based on the following:

Physical – Exercises that awaken and improve all the systems that participate in vocal production, i.e.  vocal technique. Usually this is the main part of the lesson, sometimes we need to work on other areas. Areas that prevent us from performing good technique.

Mental  – Thoughts influence your vocal performance. We recognize which thoughts hinder your actions, we act to soften their effect and to eventually eliminate them.

Emotional – Removing energy blockages that prevent you from taking successful actions. We liberate and give space to your emotions through your voice.

Artistic – you and I work to find your authentic voice, we build your repertoire and sharpen your unique artistic expression.

The process is very rewarding and is not limited to a particular singing style or level.
The private voice lessons are suitable for professionals as well as for beginners.
You can book your spot for either in-class lesson in Berlin or on-line voice lesson.

Students Recommend

After years of vocal lessons with various teachers I quit singing because it wasn’t fun anymore. Something felt wrong. My whole system was full of pressure. It took Anat just 3 sessions to give me a completely different singing experience. A breakthrough. I’ve never heard my voice in such a natural way before. I didn’t need to add any intentional expression to my song and still it’s been full of colours and feeling. A liberating experience.

Tobias Fricke

I had a really great experience with Anat! She is someone with a great ear and a great knowledge of the voice and of the body. Just by listening to my voice she has been able to tell me on which parts of the body to act and to work on. In only three months I have been able to make significant steps forward and to understand much more about the art of singing.
I hope I will be able to take more lessons with her in future!

Giorgio DP

Just a moment, can I recommend?! Wow, just wow. Anat gives so much beyond what I expected from a voice teacher. I reached Anat after vocal problems during my stand up shows. This led to frustration and even to show cancellations from time to time.

Anat, in her sharp attitude, experience and sensitivity led me to the more correct use of my voice, breath, and body – And today I manage to get out of my voice a lot more than I ever thought possible.
Go to her. Don’t hesitate

Moty Aharonovich

Private Lessons

I started my lessons with Anat around a year ago. My goal that I wanted to reach at that time was to get more confidence in my voice, that I would just start daring to sing at all. With Anat I reached that goal a lot faster that I thought I would. I lost my fears about singing and expressing myself by voice very quickly. Now I get more and more comfortable with my (singing) voice. Anat pushes me out of my comfort zone, but in a positive inspiring way. In the singing sessions Anat and me always work very focused and concentrated. She can be strict, but also in a good and motivating way. She always wants to try your best. In her lessons it’s not only about learning the correct techniques, but also about getting a better body awareness, as well as learning to use the breath in a supportive and conscious way. Anat is a wonderful singer herself and I hope that she will keep spreading her knowledge and passion about music/ singing. 

Miriam Hering

I will never forget the experience and learning I acquired from Anat, and without my intention, I learned far beyond what I expected. It is very important when applying to learn any profession, to reach the right person. Anat is the right person with confidence!

Gadi Lehmann

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