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Skype Voice Lessons by Anat – Voice Teacher and Vocal Coach

Anat, the voice teacher, has been giving singing lessons to people of all ages for 22 years now. She now gives people voice lessons online over Skype. Being able to sing is a gift from God that anyone can polish to achieve the most out of it. For this purpose, Anat is here for you. She understands how the voice can change and improve dramatically with the right guidance and some practice. She has touched many lives and helped people who dreamt of being able to sing one day. It’s amazing how much one can do with their voice. Your voice has the power to touch souls and make you feel confident and heard. Singing is a beautiful way to put forth your feelings. Being able to cherish your voice and sing on your own can bring you joy, happiness, and confidence.

Anat has had years of experience in this area. She is familiar with a variety of techniques that can help you achieve the right notes in your voice and sing beautifully. Her expertise suits pop singers as well as classical singers. Join Anat as your vocal coach online to discover the magic that is in your voice.

Singing is an art. Anat believes singing is a spiritual act that liberates your soul.  It can make you feel free, empowered and heal you from within. It is more than just singing songs. It’s discovering your true self from within, and Anat is there to help you on your journey. She knows all the tricks and techniques to bring out the best in your voice and polish it so you can use it right. Fortunately, today’s technology has really helped us in achieving our goals sitting in the comfort of our homes. Through Skype, you can now learn about singing where ever you are. It takes a good teacher to be able to teach you effectively through any means. Anat fulfills the requirements of a remarkable singing teacher.


Students Recommend

Students recommend

In the lessons with Anat, I learned how to use my voice correctly and connect to my body. The process of singing and developing the voice was a deep process where I have internalized many things about myself: how to connect with myself, how to use my voice correctly, how to express myself and communicate my emotions. After each lesson I felt an improvement, I felt that I was going through a deep inner and vocal change, deepening my sensitivity, and learning to express my emotions through music.

Anat is a dedicated teacher who makes sure that you will always reach your best, she knows to choose the exercises and give explanations that will make you understand how to perform the exercises.

I felt that she accompanied me throughout the process beyond the lessons, I could always consult her, she was interested in my progress and my feelings about the process.

The learning process was an emotional journey and a great deal of learning for me, I highly recommend to anyone involved in the performing arts, singer, actor or anyone who loves to sing. Personally I learned a lot from it, not only to sing better but it improved my self-confidence and a lot of thoughts about myself have awaken in me due to this deep learning process.

I feel that I have improved greatly since the beginning of classes, that I am more self-assured. I feel that I have undergone a very significant and positive change.

Noam de Levie

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