Vocal technique: ‘LA’ exercise what is it good for?

Every exercise has a function when learning vocal technique, that’s why we do the exercises in a certain order.  The ‘La’ exercise will be done after we gained flexibility in the muscles as the tongue was positioned on the consonant ‘N‘.

How do I figure that out?

  • When we see that the muscles and the joints in the vocal box are responsible for the change of the tone, yet they do it with no force.
  • When we feel and hear that they move in a flexible easy-going manner, then we will know that our vocal technique is ready to involve the movement of the tongue.

That means after we gained this coordination we will practice more advanced coordination by making the tongue sing ‘La’.  With the exercise ‘La’ we will coordinate between the movements of the tongue and the movement of our muscles in the vocal box. This is a more advanced stage of vocal technique.

moving the tongue up and down vocal technique

Vocal Technique exercising La | coordinate the tongue.

Why is that?

In ‘L’ consonant, the togue will first be positioned up where the ‘N’ is and then she will move her down to the lower teeth. Be aware that while we do that, we experience the support of the diaphragm.

In terms of vocal technique, this exercise is very good to coordinate the muscles of the vocal box with the muscles of the tongue and the support muscles which is the basic! Coordinate the movements in an easy-going manner. In good vocal technique, you should feel no strain at all. The support helps us a lot to gain good vocal technique, check out if the studio is offering a breath course for singing at the moment.

Start exercising the ‘L’ with any vowel that is most comfortable for you, then move back and forth in the resonators to produce all the vowels A/E/I/O/U  (la le li lo lu). Do it in a later stage, after you feel you nailed the vowel which is most comfortable for you!

Good luck! it is excellent training!

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